Vuleka Centre Programmes The Vuleka Centre runs the following programmes at their Conference Centre.

Lead through Youth

The trust is passionate about youth development and helping young people to find their place and purpose in the New South Africa.  Unemployment statistics in SA are high, but among the unemployed, youth make up the highest number – 71% of those who are unemployed are between the ages of 15 and 35.

Youth that come out of school have a very small chance of getting into higher education and training facilities and thus are more at risk of not finding employment.  It is thus imperative that some solutions are found for youth that do not have opportunities to further their education. 

Throughout the 70’s up and till the late 90’s Vuleka ran a programme called the National Youth Leadership Training programme that sought to train and facilitate activities and engaging of youth from all races and backgrounds.  The programme was hugely successful in cross-cultural training and the integration of youth.  It has resulted in training many clergy and active leaders within South African society today.  This is seen as a pillar of community work by Vuleka Centre and the programme has undergone a restructure to make it more relevant to the youth of today. 

  • Lead through Youth – Yiba Isibonelo

Vuleka has resurrected some of the principals of this programme and train unemployed youth from the Embo, Inchanga, Molweni, KwaNyuswa and Marrianridge areas of KwaZulu Natal.  The training takes place over 2 phases and is focused on the following:

Phase 1 takes place over four weeks and covers the following topics:

  • Personal development and who am I
  • Basic Human Relations – Handling conflict creatively, negotiation and mediation skills
  • Leadership development and communication skills
  • Empowering themselves for Healing and Transformation through Stress and Trauma 1
  • Volunteerism and outreach
  • Personal financial management
  • Job Skills

Phase 2 to cover the following:

  • Community development and awareness
  • Training to become a community facilitator and design educational training events
  • Issues of rights, advocacy and lobbying
  • Stress and Trauma 2
  • Business skills
  • Computer skills
  • Recycling and upskilling

Through the training the aim is to empower youth in regard to owning and forging their own future.  Youth are to be developed and grown into social activists looking to make a difference in their communities. 

Further to the Lead through Youth training, participants are channelled into programmes that offer further training in regard to hard skills and opportunities for formal employment.  Youth will be encouraged to seek volunteer work and employment in the environment that they live in.  The lack of opportunities and jobs available in the formal sector mean that many people need to find alternate employment opportunities and youth that go through the Lead through Youth programme will be encouraged to seek opportunities to uplift their immediate communities, thereby creating informal employment opportunities. 

Designing Educational Events

Acknowledging that ongoing education and training towards personal, organisational and social transformation is key towards realizing change at every level of society, Vuleka’s acclaimed DEE courses see to address this need.

Both the basic and advanced DEE courses equip the delegate with the knowledge and skills to effectively design, implement and evaluate a variety of educational programmes for youth, adults, communities, business units or faith groups.

During the structured 5-day courses, novice or experienced trainers gain a comprehensive understanding of experiential learning as a constructive educational framework together with the skills to demonstrate creative ways to design, implement and evaluate an array of learning programmes. Insight is gained into group dynamics and skills to address complex issues which emerge in group situations.

The courses offer deliberate exercises on personal discovery and trainer introspection aimed at building, nurturing and maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships and bringing about a heightened consciousness of the role of the trainer in the broader environment.

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